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Apple may win mixed reality meetings war using Memoji – Source

Memoji–the animated emoji you can personalize to reflect your look, moves, and emotions–may be an example of this. You can already speak through your Memoji during messaging sessions or FaceTime calls on your iPhone. In mixed reality, your Memoji will likely become your 3D avatar that represents you in immersive work or social meet-ups.

Avatars will likely play a big role in mixed reality, or “spatial computing” as it’s sometimes called, at least in the beginning. Consumers will expect to be able to have virtual meetings with family members that appear to be sitting around the kitchen table in front of them. Business users will want to see their workmates gathered around them in virtual space. It’s very likely that Apple will extend its FaceTime video conferencing into mixed reality to accommodate such get-togethers.

In an ideal world, we might see the participants in such meetings as live action holograms gathered…

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