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Call it Techlash TV: ‘Super Pumped,’ ‘The Dropout’ try to bottle the fizz of founder implosion Inside Fanatics’ drive to conquer… – Source

New limited series about tech unicorns with ousted CEOs still venerate the founder role, if not these particular founders.

How the $18 billion e-commerce MVP is now using trading cards, NFTs, and betting to rule the rest of the sports fan economy.

From your pocket to your desktop, running Android apps in Windows has never been easier.

The U.S. government and private security firms are urging U.S. companies to harden their digital defenses against Russian cyberwar tactics.

The country is home to a surprising number of known-name tech companies, as well as contract programming talent that works for companies around the world.

A legal loophole has allowed political campaigns to pelt voters with unsolicited text messages. But a system called 10DLC should tamp down on election spam.

Web 2.0 was shaped by a few big outfits run by white guys. What’s next could be more welcoming, safe, and fair—if women play a bigger role in creating it.

Meta unveiled its ‘Builder Bot’ AI voice…

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