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One of my favorite parts of CES has always been celebrating the little things.

The Las Vegas-based tech industry trade show has a reputation for spectacle, with flexible screens, autonomous robots, and quirky computer prototypes that stand little chance of hitting the market. Over the years, I’ve had just as much fun wandering away from those flashy demonstrations and finding the smaller-scale innovations that get less attention, such as oversize iPad drawing surfaces, reusable smart shipping containers, and double-decker MacBook batteries.

In 2021, however, wandering wasn’t an option. As an all-remote show due to the coronavirus pandemic, CES traded its sprawl of convention venues for a parade of press releases and blog posts. That took some excitement out of the show’s bigger spectacles. But it also eliminated the joy of discovering unsung heroes.

All of which is to say that I’m hoping the pandemic subsides enough to allow for a return to Las Vegas next year. In the…

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