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Here’s how you’ll prove you have a COVID-19 vaccination – Source fastcompany.com

Before people can return to work, school, or travel, they may soon have to prove that they’ve been vaccinated for COVID-19. In order to both coordinate and track vaccination, a coalition of tech companies have come together to design an open-source standard for vaccination records that makes them portable between healthcare providers and certifies a person’s COVID-19 vaccination history.

The Vaccine Credential Initiative is made up of tech companies Microsoft, Salesforce, and Oracle; healthcare providers Evernorth and the Mayo Clinic; and nonprofits Mitre, CARIN Alliance, Change Healthcare, Safe Health, and the Commons Project. It also includes Epic and Cerner, which make electronic records software used by more than 50% of the U.S. healthcare market, ensuring the standard will have broad reach. The Commons Project also works with the World Economic Forum, which has agreed to introduce the standard to participants in its global Common Trust Network as well as airline…

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