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Best wireless mouse for 2020 – Source CNET Computer News

Anyone who spends a large portion of their day working in front of a computer can tell you how the right mobile mouse makes a difference in their productivity and how utterly frustrating a bad mobile mouse can be. Mice are important!

In our hunt for the best wireless mouse, these are five of our favorite mice that we’ve tested with a focus on design and productivity (and they’re comfortable, too). All the mice use wireless technology, though all but two of the mice can be used as wired mice with a USB cable if you’re worried about battery life. (It can feel like searching for a wireless computer mouse is all buttons, buttons, and extra buttons and battery life, battery life, battery life — but buttons and battery life are important.) Also, while there’s an option in this buyer’s guide for wireless gaming, here are more…

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Source CNET Computer News

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