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We deserve a more equitable economy, and if the current crop of mission-based fintech innovators have their way, we’ll get one. Achieving this goal requires approaching long-standing economic problems in novel ways—including through the use of digital tools that empower underrepresented groups and create new opportunities to build wealth.

“As we innovate, and as we’re establishing the building blocks of the digital economy, we must do so with inclusion at its core,” says Michael Froman, vice chairman and president of strategic growth at Mastercard. “Innovation for inclusion starts with understanding the needs of those who risk being left out, and those who’ve been traditionally left behind.”

At the recent Fast Company Innovation Festival, Mastercard hosted “Faces of an Inclusive Economy,” a virtual panel discussion with two innovators who are paving the way for a global economy that serves everyone. They discussed the barriers to economic inclusion, reasons for…

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