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Magic Leap 2 is coming. Expect less hype this time – Source

Like many people, Peggy Johnson was dazzled by Magic Leap’s technology when she visited the company’s Florida headquarters. Seeing the way its AR headset fused the real world and digital imagery into a single experience,  she was “blown away by the technology—I couldn’t believe it,” she recalls. And then, when she learned in the spring of 2020 that founder Rony Abovitz was stepping down as CEO, she acted on her long-held ambition to run a company and “just intentionally raised my hand.”

At the time, Johnson was Microsoft’s executive VP of business development, after spending a quarter century at Qualcomm. But when she was named as Abovitz’s successor as Magic Leap CEO in July 2020, the bloom was distinctly off the company’s rose. Much of the early excitement over its headset had devolved into skepticism or even cynicism. The company had abandoned the consumer market and laid off 1,000 employees, and there were rumors it had tried to sell itself. Her…

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