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Corporations will embrace NFTs, Web3, and crypto in 2022 – Source

Terms such as NFT (short for non-fungible token), blockchain, and metaverse became part of the mainstream vernacular in 2021. Lionel Ohayon, founder and CEO of ICRAVE, an innovation and design studio, predicts that 2022 will be the year businesses start to incorporate all three digital trends in their strategies—if they haven’t already done so. As part of a series of year-end articles featuring insights from members of the Fast Company Impact Council—an invitation-only collective of leaders from a range of industries—Ohayon sat down with Fast Company to explain his take on how every industry and workplace will be transformed by the fast-evolving virtual world. Edited excerpts follow:

Fast Company: What are you thinking about as we enter 2022? 

Lionel Ohayon: These are the kinds of questions that are coming to me from my clients: [What] is a blockchain? What is the metaverse? And what on earth is an NFT? All the work that we’ve been doing all these years, about…

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