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How Hulu’s ‘The Dropout’ got inside Elizabeth Holmes’s head – Source

TV writer and showrunner Liz Meriwether (New Girl, Single Parents) hit two speed bumps when creating Hulu’s limited series The Dropout: One, she’d never worked with source material ripped from the headlines of a true story, and two, that true story belonged to Elizabeth Holmes, the former CEO of biotech company Theranos, whose meteoric rise to being the youngest, female “self-made” billionaire matched her Icarian plummet to criminal fraud charges.

For Meriwether, the challenge wasn’t so much covering the 12-year scope of Holmes’s saga, but how to root Holmes in reality when so much of what the public has seen (and heard) of her has been enigmatic and, at times, downright farcical.

“I felt a responsibility to think about her as a human being,” Meriwether says. “I think it’s actually more challenging to engage with her as a human being and to think about how I connected with her and didn’t connect with her. I felt that was an important part of the story, because I…

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