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How NCAA athletes are navigating the Wild West of NIL deals – Source

The NCAA’s March Madness basketball tournament is going to hit a little different this year—not because of any changes in the game itself but because of what’s happening off the court.

After decades of legal battles—the most recent landing in the Supreme Court last year—the NCAA changed its rules around athletes being compensated, most importantly allowing them to earn money on their name, image, and likeness (NIL).

Once a financial boon exclusively for professionals, collegiate athletes are now able to score brand endorsement deals and monetize their social media accounts. It’s a huge win for athletes who have long derided the NCAA’s shaky argument of “amateurism,” i.e. not allowing students to earn money tied to their status as athletes because that would make them professionals and not amateurs. The rule change went into effect last July, so the 2021 college football season served as a test run of sorts for the NCAA’s new policy.

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