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Will it ruin music downloads? – Source

As a longtime user of Bandcamp, Epic Games’ acquisition of the online music storefront makes me nervous.

The two companies are saying all the right things about the acquisition: that Bandcamp’s existing products and services aren’t going anywhere, that it’ll continue to compensate artists fairly, and that Epic’s backing will accelerate development on things that users already want, such as better search and site design.

Yet the main reason I like Bandcamp so much is also the one I suspect Epic cares about the least: It’s a place where you can buy and download albums instead of renting them via streaming services. As that model becomes increasingly obsolete for music consumers, my fear is that an Epic-owned Bandcamp will at some point de-emphasize or abandon it outright.

Why Bandcamp is different

Bandcamp isn’t the only place where you can still buy and download music. Apple has its iTunes store, and Amazon still sells MP3s. The streaming service Quboz also has a download…

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