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Kickstarter’s CEO is stepping down, citing “personal reflection” Here’s what to know about the reported hack on Okta How to stre… – Source

CEO Aziz Hasan is departing after a three-year tenure, with COO Sean Leow to serve as acting CEO.

Okta, which helps people at more than 15,000 organizations securely log in to online systems, said the issue was limited to a January hack attempt.

You need to ask yourself and your team some serious questions, and only be reassured when you have implemented real, practical solutions.

For the first time in more than a decade, the Consumer Electronics Show will take place the same week as the Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas.

Along with all the places you’d expect to find iPads, Apple’s tablet is showing up in enterprise scenarios beyond the traditional domain of consumer tech.

The 75-year-old Berkeley professor says the platform helps him reach younger audiences. “If their minds open for even just an instant, it’s an opportunity.”

With the ever-growing dependency on electricity and technology, any disruption could put people at risk and lead to trillions of dollars of…

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