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How horror streamer Shudder keeps killing with original content – Source

No movie recommendation is as much a letdown as a bad horror movie recommendation. Even if it’s not so bad that it packs the betrayal punch of a bad blind date setup—you thought I’d like that?—even if it just bores, is too gory, isn’t gory enough, is cheesy, isn’t cheesy enough. Whatever it is or isn’t, it feels like a special kind of being led astray. It feels personal.

Somewhere in the endless pursuit of worthy suggestions—and hard-core fans will scour every fiber of the internet for them—one might end up at Rotten Tomatoes’ annual best horror movies list. It’s an imperfect indicator of watch-worthiness, given the idiosyncrasies of horror critics, but at least it shows where there’s some consensus. Anyone checking the list recently, though, might have noticed another, more subtle pattern in its composition.

Of the aggregator’s top 10 best-reviewed horror movies of 2021, six were Shudder Originals.

Is that surprising? Probably not to anyone aware of the…

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