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Tome wants to bring work presentations into the social media age – Source

Thanks to social media tools like Instagram and TikTok, millions of people have grown adept at entertainingly telling stories online with a few taps of their phones.

The ease with which people can create engaging content with these tools helped inspire a company called Tome, which just launched a new product designed for workplace communication and presentations after securing $32 million in financing from investors including Greylock Partners and Coatue Ventures. 

More than just an improved PowerPoint, Tome lets users build and edit stories—it’s designed for mobile, as well as desktop, creation—integrating text, images, and embeddable content from Tweets to YouTube videos to designs created on Figma or CAD software. As content is typed or inserted into each page’s canvas, it automatically reflows and stretches to look, well, presentable, without the need to scale and crop material to fit the confines of a traditional rectangular side.

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