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Patreon CEO Jack Conte on the company’s future in the creator economy – Source

Ask Patreon CEO Jack Conte about the momentum the creator economy has seen lately and you’ll get an emphatic “Hallelujah!”

“Finally, everybody seems to be excited about compensating creative people what they’re worth instead of the minimum amount that tech companies can get away with,” Conte says in the latest episode of Fast Company’s podcast Creative Control. “So I’m thrilled that big companies, small companies, startups, venture capital—everybody’s trying to solve this problem of how do we make creativity not just accessible and available for people and ubiquitous and cheap to enter into, but how do we make it a lucrative profession.”

Conte has sought to do his part in that regard with Patreon.

Since launching in 2013, Patreon has become the platform of record for creators to charge monthly or annual subscription fees for access to their content. Patreon has amassed 8 million patrons (i.e., subscribers to creators) and has paid out $3.5 billion to more than…

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