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T-Mobile-Sprint merger means faster 5G–but less competition – Source

T-Mobile, the company behind this $26 billion deal and the one whose brand will survive while Sprint’s goes the way of such wireless-trivia-contest answers as Cingular and Nextel, has been touting a future of faster 5G, wider coverage and lower prices.

The transaction that U.S. District Judge Victor Marrero endorsed in a lengthy ruling is even meant to respawn a fourth nationwide carrier as Dish Network builds a new 5G network on Sprint’s old bones.

Will we get all those things? Take off T-Mobile’s magenta-colored glasses, and the 5G forecast looks clearer than everything else.

The 5G math here involves adding overlapping services: Sprint’s far-reaching, fast and underused mid-band 5G wireless spectrum plus T-Mobile’s wider network, which today mainly offers 5G on low-frequency spectrum with little capacity and little added speed.

“It’s enormous upside,” said Techsponential analyst Avi Greengart. “T-Mobile should be able to expand its 5G network quickly.”

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