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The 5 best free apps for managing your time – Source

If you find yourself routinely uttering—or maybe yelling—any or all of those phrases, it’s time for some serious scheduling support. We’ve got what you’re looking for right here, starting at the low, low price of nothing. They’re your hours: take some of them back.

1. Get a (virtual) assistant

There’s no use in getting your own schedule in order if trying to coordinate with other people proves too difficult. You need an assistant! The artificially-intelligent (web) service is equal parts helpful and efficient when it comes to cross-calendar cat herding. When emailing with a potential meeting mate, just copy your virtual assistant Amy on the email and use a predefined URL that corresponds to a meeting template you set up in advance. She’ll then reach out to the other person to coordinate a time that works best for everyone involved. There’s a free plan available that lets you set unlimited meetings and ties into one calendar, with premium plans starting at $8 a…

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