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The best new ideas in tech 2021 – Source

Sometimes the best advancements in technology are the ones that don’t try to change everything.

Instead, they come in the form of simple improvements to the products we already use. They’re the ideas that seem so smart, you suddenly wish every company would copy them.

At a time when the tech world is swinging for the fences with metaverses, blockchains, augmented reality, and AI, let’s take a step back and celebrate some smaller innovations that you can take advantage of today. Here are the cleverest little ideas that made tech more enjoyable to use over the last year:

Simple productivity boosters

Take notes from anywhere: Jotting ideas down has gotten a lot easier in MacOS Monterey, whose Quick Note feature lets you pop open a miniature notepad without leaving your current app. Just hit Fn-Q on the keyboard, or move your cursor to the bottom-right of the screen, then start writing. In Safari, you can Ctrl-click any highlighted text or share links to append them to your Quick…

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