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Fast Company Impact Council health predictions for 2022 – Source

The quest for health equity—when every person has access to quality care and wellness resources—will be a key theme in 2022, according to health executives and experts on  the Fast Company Impact Council—an invitation-only collective of leaders from a range of industries. Members shared their insights on the imperative for the healthcare industry to become more inclusive—and how employers would need to think more expansively about the kinds of care it offers workers. Edited excerpts follow:

Melinda Richter, global head, Johnson & Johnson Innovation (JLABS)

“The future is about health security, health empowerment, and health equity. Our whole infrastructure has not been set up to detect diseases quickly, to understand what’s going on in population, how to readily assemble the system to get to [them]. We are also seeing that people need to be able to get care in their own homes, and we’re going to need more health services and more health data to be able to manage our…

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