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Best new apps of 2021 for iPhone, Android, PC, Mac, and web – Source

While 2021 has been a weird year overall, it’s felt like a return to normalcy on the app front.

The endless attempts to reinvent video chat have quieted down. And while remote work tools remain in vast abundance, some of this year’s best apps have nothing to do with being productive.

As in previous years, this list focuses on apps that either launched in 2021 or saw substantial updates that warrant fresh consideration. It also tries to avoid obvious choices from major tech players in favor of those that could use a little more attention. With those qualifications in mind, here are the best new apps that 2022 had to offer.

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A better forecast: What app roundup would be complete without a neat new weather app to try? Weather Strip is brilliant in its simplicity, presenting nothing but a series of line graphs for hour-by-hour temperature, cloudiness, chance of precipitation, and wind speeds. A secondary timeline lets you jump ahead up to seven days, which is really all you…

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