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The Hayden Planetarium’s Worlds Beyond Earth is dazzling – Source

We were sailing past the rings of Saturn, the disc of rocks, ice, and moonlets that circle our second-largest neighbor—so naturally my whole body was rattling. It was only after the lights came up that I noticed the actual reason: metal boxes beneath each seat, designed to vibrate our butts in sync with the universe.

I was at Worlds Beyond Earth, the new show at the Hayden Planetarium’s Giant Sphere theater at New York’s American Museum of Natural History. And the simulated sensation of spaceflight goes way beyond seat shakers. The museum now boasts what its president, Ellen J Futter, said last year is not only the most advanced planetarium on the planet but “the most advanced planetarium ever attempted.”

Earth is surrounded by a strong magnetic field—powered by its hot, churning outer core—forming a shield that deflects solar wind and protects our atmosphere. [Photo: AMNH]

Since 1935, the planetarium near Central Park has been a special sort of cosmic cathedral. When…

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