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The strategy behind Apple’s low-cost iPhone, coming in March – Source

There’s a side of Apple these days that’s less about purity and exclusivity and “think different” and more about business. Case in point is a new low-cost iPhone that’ll very likely be announced in March.

Several publications and a few analysts have already predicted that Apple will announce a new sub-$500 iPhone, which may be called either the iPhone SE 2 or the iPhone 9. My own sources near the iPhone supply chain tell me that parts production for the new phone is now ramping up.

One source believes the new phone will likely sell at $399, roughly the same price as the first iPhone SE. Analysts say Apple needs a lower-cost device to have a better chance of competing in the Indian market, which is huge but also accustomed to paying less than $200 for Android phones. The new phone, one source told me, might also bolster Apple’s phone offering in China. That market is also huge, but very competitive, and Apple has had trouble winning and keeping market share.

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