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This app lets you self-report COVID-19 symptoms to your company – Source

As the coronavirus spreads around the country, businesses are trying to track confirmed and potential cases among their employees so that they can take proactive measures and keep everyone as safe as possible. But for large organizations, keeping track of who among their staff has symptoms or has tested positive quickly becomes a logistical nightmare.

That’s why Appian, which sells a platform that enables its clients to quickly build apps using very little code, is releasing a comprehensive COVID-19 response system. The app simply asks all employees to self-report their health symptoms and status to their company, and it’s free for six months for businesses with more than 1,000 employees (which is the target market for Appian’s platform). It also provides a hub where people can volunteer, request help, and learn more about a company’s plan for addressing the coronavirus crisis. The application, as well as all of the data, is hosted in Appian’s HIPAA-compliant cloud.


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