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Will coronavirus crash the internet? – Video – Source CNET Internet News

With people cooped up in self-quarantine because of the coronavirus, everyone is way more online than usual.
But can the Internet handle the load?
I’m not an expert on broadband Internet, so I spoke to someone who is.
What we’re looking at now is everybody being home all the time.
And using a lot of different devices that use a lot of Bandwidth all at once.
The networks were not designed for this kind of a use People have been saying that Europe is basically where we will be.
But two weeks ahead of us France has asked Netflix to downgrade the resolution of their video traffic so that their video volume is taking up less capacity.
And apparently Netflix has agreed to do that.
And in Spain they’ve actually asked Internet users to use responsibly so that there is been with capacity available for critical applications to go through.
Because he’s exchanged points are…

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Source CNET Internet News

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