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U.N. wants answers in Bezos hack, 5G boom projected for 2022 – Video – Source CNET Tech

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And here the stories that matter right now, [SOUND] The United Nations is calling for an investigation after receiving information.
Suggesting that Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince was potentially involved in hacking the phone of Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon and the owner of The Washington Post.
The statement alleges that the hack was an attempt to quote influence, if not silence.
The Washington Post is reporting on Saudi Arabia.
5G mobile phones are projected to capture a growing slice of the global market over the next two years, according to a leading research firm.
On Tuesdays researchers at Gartner said they expect to see 5G phone models account for 12% of mobile phone shipments worldwide in 2020, increasing to 43% by 2022 as handset prices drop and 5G coverage zones, expand.
If those projections are accurate, the overall phone market would grow by 1.7% in 2020…

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