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UPS partners with Waymo in Phoenix, Nintendo Switch outsells SNES Mark Zuckerberg thinks this is the biggest misconception about him World Athletics Council bans prototype shoes George Soros fears that Zuckerberg, Facebook will help Trump get reelected Uber and Lyft, similar but different Apple revamps Maps app, Nintendo Switch outsells SNES As new Boeing CEO takes over, it's unclear when the 737 Max will fly again You can now report misleading election information on Twitter Coronavirus affecting tech firms as outbreak spreads The return of AirPower? How much does it cost to spy on your neighbors? Apparently, $5 a month (The Daily Charge, 1/30/2020) Pricing and availability for the Galaxy Z Flip may have leaked – Source CNET Tech

This week’s major tech stories include UPS and Waymo teaming up for deliveries in Phoenix, Lyft laying off 90 employees, and Nintendo officially selling more Switch consoles than Super Nintendos.

The Facebook CEO wants be understood rather than liked.

All shoes worn in track and field competitions must have been available in retail stores for at least four months.

The billionaire philanthropist also says CEO Mark Zuckerberg shouldn’t be in control of Facebook.

The two biggest ride-sharing companies, Lyft and Uber, seem pretty interchangeable. But each has its strengths and weaknesses. Here’s when to use each service to travel safely and save money.

In today’s top stories, Apple says its new maps are more accurate than before. Meanwhile, Nintendo’s latest console hits another milestone.

Two crashes killed 346 people and authorities are blaming Boeing’s design, a faulty sensor and airline staff. Plus: Everything you need to know about the plane’s other issues.

The company is rolling out a…

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