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Web pioneer Tim O’Reilly on Web3 – Source

Tim O’Reilly has been a conversation starter within the tech industry for more than three decades. The company he founded, O’Reilly Media, launched the first true commercial website in 1993, and remains a tech-industry staple that publishes tech books, offers online education, and holds virtual events.

O’Reilly saw firsthand the first wave of big dot-com companies swell, crest, and crash in the late 1990s. His company helped promote the rise of a new group of internet companies that would learn from the hard lessons of Web 1.0. In fact, O’Reilly popularized a collective term for that next wave of early-2000s companies: Web 2.0.

Twenty years later, another major reimagining of the web may be on the way, and its proponents promise a structural transformation more radical than anything seen before. “Web3” companies eschew the centralized power of Big Tech platforms, and propose to build apps that store data and transactions via blockchains. The Web3 movement seems to speak…

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