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Why do managers feel they have to micromanage – Source fastcompany.com

The coronavirus has dispersed company workforces, sending previously in-person teams to work remotely. Leaders can no longer manage by wandering around or relying on happenstance run-ins, so many have shifted their management styles to scale new coordination and communication hurdles. Less face-to-face interaction—combined with the greater effort required for even basic check-ins—leaves some managers feeling out of touch, as well as out of control.

Some leaders resort to extremes to regain that control, resulting in micromanagement. As a professional behavior analyst and a certified forensic interviewer, I’ve worked with organizations around the globe to help their teams and leaders function their best through research-based strategies. I’ve seen that the solutions to our “people problems” rely on understanding how our brains work.

When leaders feel a lack of control, they need to address their underlying emotions and create clarity in emotionally and socially intelligent…

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