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Why Jessica Rosenworcel’s confirmation is good news for tech – Source

Tuesday, Jessica Rosenworcel became the first woman to lead the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). The Senate confirmed her on a 68-31 vote, making her the official chair after serving as acting chair since January at President Joe Biden’s request.

The appointment is seen as good news by progressives, as the commission has been hamstrung without a chairperson. However, the commission is still deadlocked with two Democratic commissioners and two Republican ones. The Senate has yet to confirm Democratic commissioner nominee Gigi Sohn, a move that would give Democrats a 3-2 majority.

As the official chair, Rosenworcel will be better able to align the agency with the White House’s pro-consumer stance. Biden has criticized the unchecked power of corporations to charge high prices, including for services that fall under the jurisdiction of the FCC. In a July executive order, Biden noted that Americans “pay too much for broadband, cable television, and other communications…

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