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After a rough 2021, telehealth needs to reinvent itself – Source

When the U.S. raced to lock down the country in the face of a quickly spreading novel disease, telehealth provided a lifeline. Using technology such as video calls, healthcare organizations were able to screen individuals for COVID-19 before there was any testing infrastructure. But now in this later stage of the pandemic, Americans are coming out of their homes and going back to the doctor’s office. Stocks for big telehealth companies are down.

While telehealth remains an important tool for doctors, it no longer seems likely—as online pharmacy Hims CEO Andrew Dudam once posited—that the vast majority of healthcare is going to happen online,. And going into 2022, it looks like the more exciting developments will be on-the-ground healthcare.

In February 2021, Teladoc, a major telehealth platform with a focus on chronic care, stock hit a high of $293.66 per share. It has since careened back down to earth, at $89 per share. Telehealth company Amwell’s stock was at $35 per share…

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