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Best Microsoft Teams tips – Source

I have a weird relationship with apps I need to use for work. If I don’t like using them, I put very little effort into learning how to use them well. If I do like using them, then I get overly excited about squeezing every last drop of productivity out of them.

Microsoft Teams is slowly but surely growing on me. I wouldn’t quite call it true love yet, but let’s just say I’ve sunk some meaningful time into exploring its delightful, not-so-obvious time-savers.

Here’s a handful of the most helpful ones I use on a regular basis.

Mark a message as urgent

Now, use this one sparingly but the whole point of Teams is to get someone’s attention faster than you could with email. So if it’s really, truly important—like free cookies in the breakroom important—then as you’re typing your message, look for the little exclamation point.

Depending upon whether you’re using the app or the web version of Teams, it may be located directly underneath your message or you may need to…

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