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cargo bike vs. the car – Source

Over the past year and a half, I’ve spent an enormous amount of time pedaling around the San Francisco Bay Area on my Gazelle e-bike. The 3,800 miles I’ve covered have been great fun and good exercise. But I didn’t think of them as an alternative to driving. Cars–in case you hadn’t heard–excel at hauling multiple people and their possessions. My Gazelle, on the other hand, carries me and a pannier bag that can accommodate roughly one small grocery bag’s worth of stuff.

There is, however, a whole category of e-bikes whose whole purpose is to ferry heavy loads, whether they involve more than one person, items in bulk, or some combination thereof. Known as cargo e-bikes, they’ve got oversized racks and other affordances for transporting goods, options for passenger seating, and electric motors that are powerful enough to bear the burden. Recently I got to spend some extended time with one such e-bike, Momentum’s PakYak E+.

Like other cargo bikes, the PakYak is…

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