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DSLR-style effects for Zoom calls – Source

A few months ago, the Reddit cofounder Alexis Ohanian tweeted a cryptic message about a “mind-blowing” webcam.

In the photo Ohanian shared, the camera looked like a monolithic slab, punctured by a dozen microphone holes with an abnormally large lens on its left side. Its makers hailed from Apple, Beats, and Uber, he explained, and he had invested in the product. “Webcams, welcome to 2021,” he wrote.

That webcam turned out to be the Opal C1, a $300 desktop camera whose primary goal is to make you look nicer on Zoom calls. It combines a 4K Sony image sensor and f1.8 aperture lens with an Intel video-processing chip that uses AI to ensure image quality, along with a microphone array that’s supposed to make you sound better, too. It starts shipping today for those who’ve previously joined Opal’s waitlist.

I’ve been playing with an Opal review unit for the past few days, and I can’t yet say that my mind has been blown, but it is a nice webcam with some neat software…

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