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Sports-card pioneer Karvin Cheung is reimagining NFTs – Source

What if an NFT were somehow linked to something as old-school as an actual physical product? This is the concept behind the Grid, a new platform where people can buy NFTs (nonfungible tokens) of digitized, sports memorabilia—an NBA jersey, say, or a player’s sneaker. Then, by accruing enough points through trading and selling those NFTs, they can wind up with the real jersey. 

It’s a concept that takes NBA Top Shot—which set off the craze for NFTs featuring basketball stars making jaw-dropping dunks and plays—a step further, and that Karvin Cheung says capitalizes on the “nostalgia factor” of sports collectibles. “NFTs are such a new phenomenon, but there’s not a lot of nostalgia built in,” Cheung says. “We are introducing a game-use memorabilia item along with a physical item to bridge that gap and bring nostalgia into the digital NFT space.”

Cheung would know. As a senior executive at the trading-card company Upper Deck, Cheung created the Exquisite…

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